About Us


Cycling Holidays Sri Lanka is managed by cyclists for cyclists

We are running exciting cycling adventures on two wheels or three wheels since 2000. We began our journey into the world of cycling tours by offering short excursions at a little mountain resort owned by our funder back in the year 2000 and has now developed in to a fully-grown independent company offering fully-fledged cycling tours right across Sri Lanka, including the north and east. However, we are constantly improving the cycling tours we run in Sri Lanka so you would want to come back over and over again.

We are a Sri Lankan company with a global reach. We know where you can see the real Sri Lanka and enjoy authentic experiences.

Cycling Holidays is being led by a veteran niche tourism specialist and a leader in sustainable tourism, Anuruddha Bandara, commonly known as AB, and backed by the award-winning premier tourism specialist in Sri Lanka, Eco Team (Pvt) Ltd.

Our local tour leaders bring years of experience and a real local touch to all the tours we run. They have been selected because of the passion they have towards cycling while cycling is more of a vacation rather than a vocation for them. They are well-trained in first aid and cycle repairs while our backup vehicle will carry spares and spare bikes for any emergency.

tourist experience at cycling tour

Eshan, our Manager - Operations, who has been with the company from inception, is now the Lead Tour Leader of the Cycling Holidays company.

Our associations with organisations like ATTA,TIES and PATA gives us global knowledge, exposure to the best cyclists and cycling outfits in the world, where we can benchmark ourselves.

Our cycling tours in Sri Lanka are being spiced-up with many interesting activities like trekking, canoeing, wildlife safaris, camping, local festivals and many more nature and adventure-related activities that you would love to be part of.

We operate all year around and you could select one of our existing cycling tours or ask us to design one to suit your requirements. Whichever way, we will make sure that you have a fun and adventure-filled cycling holiday in Sri Lanka.


Eshan has worked with Experiential Journeys, the owning company of Cycling Holidays Sri Lanka for 20 years and is a veteran of all the adventures we have. Out of all the diverse activities, one of his pet areas is cycling and he is really good at it. He has covered all the cycling routes in the country, north to south and west to east. He has led cycling tours up to 21 days covering the entire country. Other than cycling, birding is one of his hobbies and this would be an added advantage for any guest who is interested in birds.