E Bikes

We offer e-bike tours for those who require. Taking the decision to choose for an e-bike instead of a regular bicycle can have so many reasons and we can assure you, it has its advantages. Sri Lanka has mountains in the centre of the island, and they offer some of the most scenic views of the country, in other words, you wouldn’t like to miss it out.

Many visitors underestimate the distances to do in order to see their wished sights. The tricky part isn’t the distance, but the climate and hilly roads. On top of that, whenever you like to visit a historical Buddhist temple, most of them are located on top of a rock, and there’s no elevator to take you up there… Many factors influence your endurance what looks an easy ride on “Google Maps”.

We recommend e-bikes who like to enjoy more of the cultural sights apart from the cycling part without losing the charms of being in the open air.

We can offer both e-mountain-bikes and e-city-bikes. The e-mountain-bikes are good for a whole tour as the e-city-bikes are recommended for a city day tour. Please find our e-bike specs under following link.


Some Frequently asked questions:

Electric bikes are just like regular bicycles. They pedal and handle just the same. The electric component of an e-bike is meant to augment human power, not completely replace it. Obstacles like hills and headwind will be made more manageable and allows you to travel further without getting as tired.

Impossible to put a precise number on that. Influencing factors can be: how much do you pedal before your battery dies? Your weight. How steep are the roads you climb?

For tours we recommend having 2 batteries per e-bike. For a city day tour, 1 battery should do.

E-bike specifications

  • Assist Mode: 5 Smart Assist Modes selectable from the Mobile App

  • Top Speed: 32 km/h

  • Battery Capacity: 36 V / 8.7 Ah

  • Battery Type: 18650 power lithium ion battery (Lockable Bottle Battery

  • Charging Time: 3 hours

  • Assist Range* (50%): Up to 90 Km

  • Rated Power: 250W

  • Cell Quantity: 30 cells

  • Charger: AC110V-AC220V, DC42V 2A, Type C plug

  • Motor Structure: Gear Drive

  • Motor Efficiency: >80%

  • Max Torque: 30N.m

  • Wireless Connection: Bluetooth 5.0 (Allows the controller to connect to multiple devices at the same time)

  • Flashlight LED: 6500K 140~160Lm

  • Type C fast charge output: Supports 18W mobile phone fast charge

*The assist range is under conditions: 60kg weight rider, outside temperature 25°C,no wind, 50% assist level under manual mode, tires with enough air pressure, riding on flat level road.